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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" . good morning, how sweet it is,. also, new this morning, another innocent victim of violence in philadelphia. find out what a teenage girl was doing when a stray bullet struck her. >> and, do you have your raincoat ready. don't leave home without t storm scan3 here showing rain moving into the philadelphia region. find out just how long that wet weather will stick around. >> good morning, we made it to friday, march 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. we check in with katie and meisha, after a beautiful day yesterday, finally rain. >> had to come sometime. >> right now just dealing with a lot of construction, when is it moving our way.
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>> right now starting to see some of it push into the northern tier of our area, it will be with us really store of finding our time in most spots, haven't seen any raindrops, give it time. soars set to move in. isn't what i call a soggy morning drive, a nuisance, back to storm scan in one minute. start things offer by taking you out to storm scan3, quiet view. visibility good. roads are actually still dry here in the city. however, 64 degrees, you know, off to really warm start. that wind flow is still pumping out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour to keep things very, very mild. despite that breeze, your actual windchill, you don't really have one really, 64 degrees in terms of the feels like value as well. a lock once more, storm scan3, further north you go granted you have some damp roads, lehigh valley, far north and west suburbs, but the main thrust of any wet weather still well off to the west. give it time. through the course of the morning rush we will start to see this move in. where we stand right now temperatures should stay
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somewhat steady through the course of the morning, evan flow, 64 at the airport, 65 in paul myra, it will feel down right balmy when you walk out the door this morning, but clearly there are some more outlying suburbs like a a quakertown or doylestown where you start to see the temperatures bit cooler in that regard. so, 48 in quakertown for example, and yes, depending where you are it might be tad cooler by comparison. as the day progresses we are still expect to go get you to about 70 degrees. you know, even though there is a cold front crossing through, it is still a mild day. then by tomorrow, we start to see the temperatures, taking a bit more after nosedive in the wake of this front. so little bit of slow mover, more than anything, but eventually, if you are not seeing rain yet, it is on the way. i would say, you know, rain gear not the worse idea here today, but it won't and all day event, that's good news. >> great news. thanks, katie, along with the sunshine we have to take the rain. i guess we'll take that on a friday. good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. this is a look at falls bridge.
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now, this opened yesterday at 3:00 p.m., scheduled to open april 1st, good news, it is now open. make note of. that will april 1st, no longer, opened yesterday at 3:00 p.m. construction 422 westbound, see, it is block until 6:00 a.m. dealing with this area right now for awhile. usually the good news if it gets cleared out before the height of the morning start to take place, right now things are look good, maneuvering around, not the left lane until 6:00 a.m. at route 43 and 222 blocked because of the construction, more construction here, you can see, 59 southbound 413, right lane blocked until right around 5:00 a.m. make note of. that will you will want to make note of. that will yesterday it got very, very bus any this area. also, truck fire, pa turnpike eastbound near downingtown, all rained blocks, through your alternate, route 30 eastbound, route 202 northbound or schuylkill westbound. make note of this. because when all lanes are blocked, it will get busy even though it is 4:30 in the morning. >> villanova fans are pumped up. the wildcats advance to the
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elite eight after beating miami in the sweet 16. nova scored early and often in the first half. chris jenkins scores this three pointer giving the wildcats 15-point lead. jenkins had 21-point and 99 rebounds. then in the second half, ryan, now three from long distance, both he and jenkins combined nine, three pointers, the wildcats rolled over the miami hurricanes, 92 to 69. big night for nova, and coach j. wright. but he is giving the credit to the players. >> they're hungry to advance. they're hungry to prepare. it is all coming from them. and it is really, that's when you are a good team. when the players take over responsibility, for all of your core values, you are a good team. and it is daniel and arch the seniors, but everyone else buying in. and we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. >> meantime, villanova fans across the region are celebrating the big win, oh, so pumped. some students and alumni
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cheered on wild katz at kelly's taproom near nova campus. some fans so excited they say they're making last minute decision to head to the elite game on saturday. >> villanova class of 2,000, i've been waiting a long time for. >> this and it is awesome, baby. >> we're going to louisville tomorrow. we're real excited. >> this is villanova's first sweet 16 appearance since making it to the final four in 2009. >> and now the focus turns to philadelphia. notre dame got some practice time at the wells fargo center. they take on wisconsin this evening. unc faces indianna. this marks the 28th time philadelphia has hosed ncaa basketball tournament, the first back in 1939. >> and, there is more march madness tonight on cbs-3. at 7:00 iowa takes on virginia, at 9:40, it is gonzaga versus syracuse, another great night of basketball on cbs36789 keep watching, saturday night start the night with the oregon an
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oklahoma match, villanova wildcats take on kansas 8:45, see it here, on cbs-3. >> right now, it is 4:36. innocent bystander caught in the crossfire in the city's hunting park neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now outside east detective, with more on what that teenage girl was doing just before she was shot. justin, good morning. >> erika, good morning, that teen victim now recovering at temple university hospital where at last check she was in critical but stable condition this morning. now, she was outside of her home when she was shot. and detective here do not believe that she was the intended target. twenty-fifth district police were on scene about 11:30 last night. near north seventh and luzerne, found 16 year old suffering from gunshot wounds to her left side. police say she was out walking her dog and was then talking to her sister on the front steps of their hunting park home. then they heard several gunshots, police say, and quickly, the teen realize that
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she had been shot and ran inside her home. her family called 9911, and scrambled to care for her, at medics made their way to her house. at this point police have slim leads and are working to gather more about who opened fire. >> we do not have description of the shooter or shooters. they believe that the shots came from a western direction from where she was. and the shots were fired in a eastern direction. at this point it, appears that the 16 year old female is an innocent victim. >> and back out live here, east detectives on the case. the victim at last check is in stable condition over at temple. no motive why this happened. girl believed to be just innocent bystanders she was struck, detectives have seen surveillance cameras in that area. and today they'll go out there and call the video in hopes of catching clues to find these shooters.
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erika, back over to you. >> justin finch for us, thanks for the update. new this morning, teenage boy shot in the point breeze section of philadelphia. it happened around 11:30 near the 1600 block of wharton street. police say the bullet hit the 18 year old in the leg. he was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. no word on the suspect at this time. secretary of state, john kerry, has just arrived in belgium for counter terror talks with the eu. officials there are admitting they missed warning signs that could have prevented tuesday's suicide bombing in brussels. we've also learned at least two of the suspect who carry out the attacks were on us watch list. meantime, the anti-terror tactics are intensifying. six people have been detained during series of raids in belgium. authorities continue to search for at least one bombing suspect, who is still on the run. belgium has lowered its terrorist red alert level, but officials warn isis may be planning new attacks in belgium and across europe. today is good friday when
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christians around the world commemorate the crucifixion of jesus christ. yesterday, christians observed holy thursday, in honor of the last supper. this was the service at lutheran church our savior in haddonfield. with atlantic city financial crisis deepening, mayor don guardian blaming new jersey governor chris christie for upcoming shutdown. he pleaded his case at a news conference, opposing state take-over. it is something christie is pushing law makers to approve. the mayor says the state plan would sell off city assets, and force union contract to be thrown out. atlantic city says it will shut down non-essential services for several weeks starting april 8th. if it does not get cash from the state. >> there were a lot of issues i agree with our governor, but taking over atlantic city certainly not one of them. we will absolutely run out of money because the governor has withheld 33 and a half million dollars. no one else to blame here. >> on atlantic city radio station the governor reaffirmed his support of
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state take over. he says it is the best pass forward. well, no more detours, if you take the falls bridge in philadelphia. some good news, it is open to traffic again after two month of emergency repairs. late last year, city inspectors found russ and errosion. the project included strengthening the existing steel floor beams. there is much more to come here on "eyewitness news", tip leads authorities to two dogs who justice appeared. find out what happened to them and see the great reunion there with their best friends. >> and, a final curtain call for a philadelphia theater that turned out some very good actors. we're back in just two minute.
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later cold and hungry. this video from animal rescue shows them trying to break down the locked door at a filthy house abandoned in chester. >> i can't believe somebody would do that, clearly he had his tags on him, no food, no water, nothing. she came home 5 pounds lighter within a week. i mean, who does that? >> the dogs had not been rescued, they would have ended up in a dog fighting ring. not known who ash duct dollars the dogs. good they're see back with the daddy there. big meals and biscuits. >> absolutely. >> hey, if you like yesterday, we've got horrible news for you. now, you know what's interesting, this front is such a slow mover, still very mild outside. but there is wet weather, yeah, there is, okay, so not may yet, but those showers will help bring mayor flares. >> march showers? >> exactly. but yes, so you have have to talk about that today. >> this isn't huge huge deal, not talking total wash out, mainly this morning, later
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today skies start to clear, and actually still pretty mild outside. that does start to change later on, it is cold front after all. for now, it is not terrible outside. there are spots where you're finding some dampness. that specifically is across the northern most counties, see with the southerly win flow, tell where the winds is coming from just by the way the precipitation is moving through. see how it is sort of moving up upright and riding along the frontal boundary pushing through. that's where you start to see these showers blossoming and bubble up. they've been doing that over the last hour and a half here just outside of philadelphia, so, personally, i come in from the west, and i ran into just couple of, you know, speckles on the windshield, had to flick the windshield wipers once, that was pretty much it. that's over spreading the region throughout the course of the morning before it crosses through. here is a storm in it entirety there is cold front being dragged through, any hint of stronger storms it, would be confine off to the south. thinking just showers at this point. and obviously it is way too warm out there for any snow. you have it basically go out to canada to fine any wintery precipitation.
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let me walk you through future weather here too. what you will find throughout the course of the morning next couple of hours is that some of you may not even see one drop of rainout of this, but damp roads for sure. definitely looking for some showers here and there, in, again, scattered fashion. so, rain gear, i wouldn't call it absolutely necessary but if you are going to be standing on a train platform, waiting for a bus, probably decent idea to have either your rain slicker or umbrella at the ready here in case. you never want to get caught off guard. even toward the early afternoon, future weather trying to hang on, cup ill of the little leftovers here, things start to clear out with time, many of you will likely see sun before it goes down over the horizon, but we are talking about gradual clearing throughout the day as opposed to just, you know, one fell swoop this is out of here. do keep that in mind. later on we expect 70 degrees, still warm obviously, because it is somewhat of a slow mover, but later on tonight that colder air does start to nudge in, and that does mean the thermometer starts to respond, 41 degrees the overnight low, still hint after breeze, but starting to taper off.
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by the time we eat the easter holiday weekends good stuff here, flirting with 60 tomorrow. nice day granted cooler but still nice. and on sunday for easter we start with some sun, eventually clouds rebuild, and that gives way to rain by monday. rainy days and mondays, erika, tough. >> you know what, it won't get us down, kate. >> i there you go. >> 4:46. we have some sad news to report here. former eagles fullback, kevin turner, has died at age 46. after his six year battle with als. turner believed his illness was caused by concussions he received during his career. he was one of the plaintiffs in a concussion lawsuit filed by former players against the nfl. that lawsuit was settled last year. eagles broadcaster merrill reese remembers turner's time with the team in the late nine's. >> he was a tremendous guy. he was a tough football player. former university of alabama star, played for the new england patriots. he was the quinessential fullback with one plus. kevin turner was a very
4:47 am
underrated receiver. i remember some tremendous catches that he made. and he can hammer people. he can block. >> eagles coach, doug pederson, remembered his former teammate in a quote saying even though i spent only one year of my career with kevin turn nerve philadelphia, it didn't take more than a few days to know how special after person he was. and i will always remember the fought until the very end. >> published report say drexel university has found their next basketball coach. army head coach, zach spike err, set to be named the new coach of the dragons. nineteen and 14 last season, former drexel coach bruiser flint was let go earlier this month after 15 seasons. >> the flyers are charging toward the playoffs with wins in seven of their last ten games. last night, the flyer guys scored twice in 192nd in the third period in colorado, and beat the avalanch four-two, well done. right now the flyers hold the last wild-card playoff spot in the east, they take on the
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coyotes in phoenix tomorrow night. still ahead this morning, local theater's final act. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. >> the old way was to make sure someone was simply watching the kids. this is the united way. right here in our community, united way is changing the way, from quick fixes to real lasting change. that's what matters. that's united way. to find out how you can help, visit...
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>> here's one more look at your headlines. villanova goes sweet 16 to the elite eight since 2009. stormed past the miami hurricanes, 79 to 63. nova place kansas saturday night, watch it here on cbs-3. also, stray bullet hit the teenage nerve philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. >> sixteen year old girl standing on the front steps of her home when she was hit. now in stable condition. so far, no arrest haves been made. >> the manhunt continues for more suspect connected to tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. belgium prosecutors say, several people were arrested yesterday, following raids around the country's capitol.
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>> it is the final act for the legendary society hill playhouse. the walls of the playhouse at eighth and south street are covered in nostalgia, it broke barriers with female directors and integrated cast. playhouse also launched a philadelphia youth theater. kevin bacon, and sherman helmsley, were among the teens who grew up with successful acting carreers. that playhouse has been sold. >> nothing lasts forever. i'm glad we were able to do what we did and hopefully a lot of people out there who went through the theater, kept in touch, and i hope they learned something. >> the building closes april 1st, and it meets the wrecking ball this summer. >> coming up after the break, kate let you know when you can put the umbrella away and steering you away from any
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watching for wet weather to roll through the delaware valley morning, that comes courtesy what's frankly after sluggish frontal boundary, but as this crosses through, it is going to be brink withing it some scattered showers, perhaps rumble every thunder generally speaking bit of damp morning, then later today skies do start to clear. quick peak what's happening right now on storm scan, some of you are dry, some of you are obviously not. the further north you go, that's where you are finding any hint of light showers right now, and this is just the beginning, folks, still waiting for the full passage of the cold front. so give it time sharings should g pretty scat nerd nature. not talking much in the way of rain ability, just enough to bring in the spring time showers. all is out of here by 2:00 p.m. the further inland you are the earlier it will wrap up for you. that 2:00 p.m. ends time primarily for the folks that are watching us down toward the shore towns. 70 degrees the expected high today, cold front crossing through, doing nothing to cool us down yet. later tonight temperatures do take a dive, by tomorrow, really nice start to the easter weekend and the weekend as a whole looks real nice, just obviously cooler to you
4:55 am
as we're only flirting with 60 by saturday. >> i'm take a little rain. even little bit of sunshine, i'm take it, thank you for that, tgif, if you are just waking with us, what we're mainly dealing with this morning yes we've had couple every accident out there and construction, kinds of main thing. so first, construction, 422 westbound, at route 23, that left lane blocker, looks like it might be clearing out of our way now. >> basically all week it, has been causing some snags for you. >> we are seeing some police activity push more toward the right-hand side. but the volume levels just not there. specially at this hour. still looking okay there, both 95 southbound and northbound, falls bridge, opened yesterday, at 3:00 p.m. it was scheduled to open on april 1st, but good news for a lot of that you take the falls bridge open yesterday at 3:00 p.m. that's now open. love that shotment accident here cleared. pa turnpike eastbound between lebanon and reading all since
4:56 am
cleared. another area that's cleared is truck fire this morning, pa turnpike again, eastbound near downingtown. again, that's all clear, great news for those of you in and around that area, back to you. >> here is stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. former pennsylvania supreme court justice, is slapped with a fine for his role in a scandal involving offensive emails. >> also, there is a price change to get your stamp of approval. we are not april fooling you. latest bash he shop movie stop in philly not just to promote the film but to cut a pretty big check. check in two, three, four times a day k. why. w news radio 1060 on your dial. latest shot fired, war over wives in campaign 2016. imagine this, imagine never losing your car keys again, new technology lets you unlock your car without a key. and you can say this guy has the golden ticket to jail. the series of crimes this man is
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>> part of the game that stunned the cats coach. >> also, new morning, caught in the crossfire. a teenager in the hospital after getting hit by a stray bullet. what she was doing just before she was shout. >> grab the umbrella storm scan3 showing some rain headed our way this morning, katie is timing out the showers to let you know when the heaviest rain arrives. >> good morning, it is friday, march 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. that beautiful stretch of weather had to end at some point. want to check in with katie on the skydeck. still umbrella free. meisha watching the roads. good morning, guys. >> good morning, tgif to the both of you.
5:00 am
roads are looking okay. we've been dealing with a couple of accident already this morning, some construction, still waiting for that to clear. but over katie we know maybe some rain is moving our way. >> depending where you are, gun to see it, too. tonight clearly no umbrellas needed here on the skydeck, depending where you are you may want to think about grabbing it on the way out the doorment primarily first half of the dent event we'll see some showers coming through, comes courtesy every frontal boundary moving through. so really seeing the leading edge of it as we speak with some showers again primarily across your lehigh valley region, berks county, starting to blossom further south you go on i95. a matter of time t feels really muggy out here on the skydeck right now. we take a look at the pollen report in the next couple of days, so for now, we've got month proving through, bridges wet weather, so it helps to wash away some of the pollen. primarily tree pollen at this time of the year going to cause issue, but by the upcoming easter weekend notice how


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